East of Java

Based on a novel by:  Scott Amour

Screenplay by:  Scott Amour and CV Herst


In November 1991 and Jack Irvine, a traveling artist from Sausalito, California receives a check for $1,000.00 and a plane ticket to Jakarta, from his old Australian friend Andy. Taking the bait he arrives in Jakarta where he finds himself involved in a plot to deliver weapons to the freedom fighters in East Timor. With the CIA and the Indonesian secret police hot on his tail Jack and a beautiful Timorese woman travel to Dili, where he witness's a horrific massacre at a cemetery which changes his life forever, giving him the guts to continue the arms mission.


View the Title Song For CEBU - "FAITHLESS" written and performed by MiG Ayesa, With Angus Clark on guitars and David Halpern on drums. Video footage directed by GWARD inc. 

The CEBU Pitch Trailer - Official Selection of the DIWA Filipino Film Showcase of Seattle.

Payback in Manila trailer staring Jon Jon Briones, MiG Ayesa, Natalie Mendoza,with Rachel Alejandro