East of Java

Based on a novel by:  Scott Amour

Screenplay by:  Scott Amour and CV Herst


In November 1991 and Jack Irvine, a traveling artist from Sausalito, California receives a check for $1,000.00 and a plane ticket to Jakarta, from his old Australian friend Andy. Taking the bait he arrives in Jakarta where he finds himself involved in a plot to deliver weapons to the freedom fighters in East Timor. With the CIA and the Indonesian secret police hot on his tail Jack and a beautiful Timorese woman travel to Dili, where he witness's a horrific massacre at a cemetery which changes his life forever, giving him the guts to continue the arms mission.


Cebu (promotional trailer)


The story is set in the turbulent backdrop of the Philippines in 1986. Ben Lucero, a first generation Filipino American priest faces the pull of conflicting cultures between his Seattle birthplace and his family’s origins. During a visit to Cebu for his mother's burial, he is manipulated by two women and falls to temptation, breaking sacred vows. Ben’s moment of truth comes when he experiences a perversion of Catholicism in the form of submissive crucifixion, misconceived as a means of bargaining with God. Despair, guilt and the need for redemption follow Ben back to Seattle, where he attempts to unravel his personal dilemma. 



View the Title Song For CEBU  written and performed by Mig Ayesa. With Angus Clark.  FAITHLESS . Video footage directed by GWARD inc. 

Payback in Manila trailer staring Jon Jon Briones, MiG Ayesa, Natalie Mendoza,with Rachel Alejandro