THREE OF A KIND is a fast-paced action adventure/crime comedy/heist caper television series with the  main character Caesar Romano torn between his chosen profession – crime – and his recently appointed one of crime stopper, assisting VOLVER a division of Interpol . Together with his 2 kids, Jasmine and Antonio, ( early 20's) in order to stay out of prison they travel around the Globe on a luxury yacht, tracking down international crime rings. Keeping his kids out of trouble is often harder than catching criminals.  "It take a Thief to catch a Thief”  

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Best Television Screenplay  - FIVE CONTI
Brothers Blood 

Based on the novel Dreamer by: Scott Amour

Sausalito/Thailand early 2000’s

Screenplay by Virginia Travers CV Herst, Scott Amour and Clayton Schuster 


Upon receiving a frantic phone call from his sister in –law, Jack Irvine’s quiet life as a struggling sculptor with a CIA past is about to change forever, when he learns that his troublesome brother is missing in Thailand, together with a large sum of money connected to illegal trafficking of human body parts and organ transplants.

 CEBU based on the novel by
Peter Bacho    Screenplay by CV Herst 

The story is set in the turbulent backdrop of the Philippines in 1986. Ben Lucero, a Priest from Seattle, WA   faces the pull of conflicting cultures between his Seattle birthplace and his family’s origins. During a visit to Cebu for his mother's burial. Not speaking Tagalog , or ever having lived in the Philippines He finds himself struggling between his family,his faith, and his heritage. Falling in love with a beautiful girl only adds to his confussion. 


CEBU won the American Book Award and is listed as one of the top 100 books written by a University of Washington writer in the past century. In 2008 the Asian Weekly honored the author as a literary Pioneer.  2014 garnered the screenplay as a finalist in the Beverly Hills film festival. 

Payback in Manila by
CV Herst, Virginia Travers ,Tom Walsh
Poster by Dan Herron. 
  • Payback in Manila, Charlie Romano , a Filipino jewel thief's last heist in Vegas went bad. Foiled by his special agent girlfriend Gwen. As a Philippine citizen he was deported home to the Philippines . His American partner Mark, was not so lucky. He got 10 years. Charlie now in his 50’s is diagnosed with Cancer. He along with his old team gets an opportunity to pull his final heist by stealing a 110 carat diamond, from a resort/ casino in Manila , and seek revenge on his ex-girlfriend who runs the security team guarding it.

East of Java

East Timor 1996 is not yout typical tropical Island.It's bright red sunsets are diped in Blood. its citizens are being exterminated by the ruthless tryant Suharto, Jack Irvine joins a plot to deliver arms to the freedom fighters. Caught up in a world of intrigue  and death beyond his control . He struggles to save his own,life and carry out his part of the mission. 


Finalist  - 4th Dimension Independent Fi
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Searching for Paco hang

Based on a novel by: Scott Amour

  Jack once again teams up with Ambrose Dvorjack to help his best

friend and ex-lover Sylvie bring down a child porno and human slave

trading ring, run by the notorious Paco Chang. Jack's obsession with a

young free spirited girl that he befriends at an AA meeting, keeps

getting in the way, almost costing him his life and that of Dvorjack.

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Vortex Pax 

screenplay by Mel Hyde and Virginia Travers  

Episode 1 Morro Bay

Molly Williams, Mixed /Asian American 28  is a graduate student in Marine biology at UC San Luis Obispo. Her Summer internship turns into an unraveling mystery. While  driving  for LYFT on the weekends, to earn extra money,

she’s   approached by two men, who require her services as a driver.  Art 50’s ( quirky Professor)  and William, 40 (Native American)  to observe a man Arron de la Fuente, 36 ( Spanish,)   Molly

finds herself caught up in an unknown crime. She follows Arron and figures out he is smuggling

out boxes of vials from the lab where she works  for unknown reasons. After nearly getting captured herself by Arron she is

taken back to Art and William’s  unusual HQ. It is there she is offered a job as a Traveler for their bizarre, interdimensional Organization. 


Best Television Screenplay winner 2020