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Toiling for an Oscar ... or Not

Posted by Tom Walsh , March 03, 2011 at 6:00 pm



The Oscars have come and gone, but for the people who toil in the shadows of that annual pinnacle of recognition, there is work to be done. While some target that stellar stage as a career destination, others find satisfaction in their work and in the hope of at least reaching the launch pad.


Their reward is something less than a golden statuette, and yet it is something much greater, too. I met with three such hopefuls last week and got some insightful accounts of their experiences in an industry usually more celebrated for its glamour than its sweat.Scott Amour is a published novelist who resides in Novato.


His friend, John Hewitt from Mill Valley, is a documentary filmmaker and professor emeritus in the Department of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University. Virginia Travers, also from Mill Valley, has a small film management and production company called Lunaventure.


THE ARTS / Marin film group members pitch themselves / Club gives face time to amateurs

Stan Sinberg, Special to the Chronicle-Published 4:00 am , Friday September 19,2003

Please Note: This group has been put on hiatus temporarily



On the last Monday of each month, about a dozen aspiring filmmakers gather at the Aroma Cafe next door to the Rafael Film Center Theater in San Rafael, trying to jumpstart their movie careers. Each member of the loose-knit networking group, called FILM (Film Independent League of Marin), gets to pitch themselves: what they do, their projects and what they're looking for.



   Although each person is allotted five minutes, almost no one takes longer than two.The group began as a way to finance a film project, but has evolved into a networking organization; its main objective is to help people find work, said Virginia Travers, 50, who runs Lunaventure, a film and production company.Travers began the group with Scott Amour several months ago.Travers, who's worked as a street artist in San Francisco for 15 years, says she's never seen the Bay Area film industry so dormant.The group members represent a cross-section of people involved to a greater or lesser extent in the industry..

Support the Transiton of East Timor

Support the transition of East Timor


Although our screenplay is fictional, the back story, setting, time, and place are unmistakably the very real struggle for an independent East Timor. Learn more about the struggle of Timor Leste (East Timor) and how you can help support their transition from post-conflict to sustainable development.



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Former President of East Timor Jose Ramos Horta, CV Herst and Virginia Travers 

LLunaventure 2019 


 Lunaventure went to Mipcom in Cannes 2019 . Virginia Travers and Ruben Maria Soriquez with actor Casper Van Dien, 

Mip Casper and Ruben (2).jpg

 Todd Phillips director of JOKER and Virginia Travers at a special screening in December 2019. 

 Virginia  Travers and Mel Hyde .  Won BEST television screenplay at the FOUR CORNERS FILM FESTIVAL in New Mexico 9/18/2020  For VORTEX PAX 

Pandemic 2020 

Screenplay readings LOCK Down style CEBU 

with actors MiG Aysa, Nico Fowler, Mara Lopez, Maria Isabel Lopez,  Jeff Francisco,Aaron Dumas, Matthew Abaya and Virginia Travers 


PAYBACK IN MANILA zoom reading staring  Jon jon Briones MiG Ayesa, and Natalie Mendoza

 Lunaventure NEWS


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2021 News 

It's been a productive year for our Lunaventure team and projects. With several best screenplay awards for Payback in Manila, Three of a kind and East of Java. While we remained mostly working from home , our screenplays have been hittling the festival road. As the world starts to open up again we remain hopefull that we will attend live festivals in 2022. 

Best Heist Screenplay  - Silver State Film Festival - 2021 (1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Vegas Cinefest International Film Festival - Best Screenplay 2021  (1
Best Television Screenplay  - FIVE CONTINENTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - 2021.png
Finalist  - 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival - 2021 (1).pdf.jpg